Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Shout-Out to Progressive Ears

When I started this blog, I had wanted to put in a plug for this site, but mysteriously it happened to be down at the time I made the first attempt. In any case, that was clearly just bad timing...they have been up and going strong since then.

Progressive Ears
is a great online forum that I joined years ago and then took a long hiatus from. I have been back online there lately and it's a great group of folks and a terrific source of info about prog rock. As I type this, there are threads on PFM, Yes, Simon Phillips, Ruins, Oblivion Sun, Marillion, DFA, etc., etc...

If you're not familiar with the site, check it out at


  1. There better be a Rush thread, too, or there'll be hell to pay!

  2. There was recently a thread about the Rush "synth years" debating the merits of Power Windows, Grace Under Pressure, Hold Your Fire, etc...

  3. Hey bro! Thanks for the good word!